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Monday, September 20th, 2010

Let the bells ring across the land! The new zines are here! Pick up your copies of the newest Parking Block masterpieces, Mostly Drawings by Eric Ellis and Arbothnaut J. Brown by Benjamin Carr, on the publications page today. After that take a moment and visit the artist page to check out Lauri Apple and Andy Mills new bios.

Drawing Down the Moon continues to delight artists, bloggers and other internet riff-raff. Read the fantastic reviews for yourself.

In other artist news, Mark Gildersleeve, Tim Pigott and Ricky Cozzolino all have art work available for your enjoyment at the Criminal Class Press NOIR Anti-Gala this Saturday, September 25th. You can pick up tickets here. Shawn Hebrank has just returned from dead bird cataloging in Peru. On the 11th of every month he and Albie Rock makes things happen. Alex Cohen and Steven Erst are part of the Center of Multiple Middles show that’s wrapping up at Harold Washington College this Friday. You can enjoy a new Lauri Apple drawing every day until the election over on Animal New York. They’re free. That’s hard to beat. All around awesome fellow Jay Croft’s art work is now available at skate shops around the country via these Vans tshirts.

If you are in Baltimore this weekend check out Parking Block at “Creative Control.”

Creative Control

‘The “Creative Control” exhibit is curated by Jim Lucio, Visual Arts Coordinator for the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and will include over 100 independent arts and culture publications from around the globe.’

The first 4 releases are now sold out.

Don’t hesitate.

new HQ

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Lot’s of exciting news and developments!

Dan Bolton was kind enough to write up a nice review of Isaac’s zine on the might Club Mumble website.

We’ve added 3 new artists to the roster: Lauri Apple, Tully Mills and Benjamin Carr. Look for more information about their upcoming zines over the new few weeks and months.

Parking Block now has a Facebook page. If you are socially inclined please stop by and give it a thumbs up.

New zines? There’s two of them and they are outstanding. Drawing Down the Moon by Dennis Pomales and Moral Guidance by Jason Leisge. Check them out in person at Quimby’s or order them online.

The big move is over. The boxes are unpacked.

Parking Block's new HQ

Settling in and getting things done.

tapedeck headphones

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The next round of Parking Block Publications has been folded and stapled.

SF-11 by Isaac McKay-Randozzi and The Moon is Made of Cheese by Snacki.

1 year of Parking Block Publishing

If you’d prefer to shop locally, they should be on Quimby’s shelves by the weekend.


Monday, March 8th, 2010

The first annual Chicago Zinefest is almost here! To celebrate this momentous occasion there are two new zines available: Skate Trips From Hell by Lou Shields and Desperate But Not Serious by Nicholas Peterson. You can purchase them online or come down to the fest and pick them up in person on Saturday.

Parking Block Publishing - BookMarks

Learn a bit more about Parking Block on Chicago Subtext.

There’s been a number of additions and updates to the Artist page.

Jason Leisge sent over out a few pictures from his zine.

Jason Leisge - Art Zine Images

Look for it later this spring.

Jason Leisge - Art Zine Images

Lots of new developments developing for the rest of 2010. Pick up the early releases before they’re gone.