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Written by admin on February 13th, 2011

There has been a bit of a delay with the posting process thanks to this unfortunate occurrence and with that delay finally ending it’s time to roll out the new releases. First the final 2 publications of 2010: A Personal Dinner Invitation by Alberto Aguilar and Listening To The Lower Frequencies by Tim Pigott. And hot off the printer here are the first 2 zines for 2011: Inland Architect by Christopher Smith and Over and Out by Brad Westcott. These have been added to the online store or you can pick them up in person at Quimby’s or you can see all of Parking Block’s zines at this year’s Chicago Zine Fest March 25th – 26th. Stop by for a sticker and a high five.

What’s next?

Here’s a few teaser pages that Dominique Holmes sent over:

Dominique Holmes - 2011 zine pages

It’s going to be a mixture of color and black and white.

Dominique Holmes - 2011 zine pages

More midnight please.

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