Mark Gildersleeve is the senior utility technician at the toxic waste processing machine for the #2 steel furnace complex. In his off time he enjoys things such as beer, skateboarding, silent movies, literature and comic books. During midnight shifts operating the toxic waste machine he likes to draw pictures to stay awake. Check out his artrwork here.

PBP001 – Extraordinary Adventure in the Skies of Tomorrow – Mark Gildersleeve – SOLD OUT


Shawn Hebrank is a tattoo artist and mostly retired taxidermist living in Minneapolis. He’s vegan, but doesn’t like animals; yet he’s rooting for them in the nature vs people war. Bird and swine flu have inspired lots of drawings, which sometimes get turned into tattoos. His blog is pretty good.

PBP002 – Premonitions – Shawn Hebrank – SOLD OUT


Dominique Holmes lives in Jamaica but visits Chicago often enough to consider herself tethered. Her drawings, stories, and films are all, to varying degrees, inspired by goats and/or boats. She knows precisely with whom she will have the last dance at her funeral. Visit her here.

PBP003 – Strays and Salvage – Dominique Holmes – SOLD OUT


Jay Croft’s wooden characters depict his character; he is a skateboarder, an artist, and a lover of life. His creative spirit and artistic intent have been displayed across the world in galleries, on skateboards, and on t-shirts. Jay was born and raised in Ohio. His midwest roots led him to Chicago, where he currently resides with his wife and his dog, Jimmy, working for Vans as the Grass Roots Visual Merchandiser for the region. You can check out more about Jay and his work at

PBP004 – Its Broken Do You Think You Can Fix It – Jay Croft – SOLD OUT


Alexander Bradley Cohen is a nonsensical urban youth that never understands life. In his free time he likes to draw baby pictures, eat candy and ride his skittles bike around town. He used to skateboard. He often goes to the dentist. He always has multiple cavities. He is the CEO and founder of Buster Bear Clothing.

PBP005 – Buster Bear Go Hard – Alex Cohen


Ricardo Cozzolino currently lives in Denver by way of Chicago. A “restless soul” he gets anxious if he can’t globe trot at least once a year. Ricardo enjoys carmel centered Tim Tams, the skateboarding, the snowboarding, art supplies and adventure He creates dialogue for his characters as he draws them mostly commenting “This guys going to be crazy.” Ricardo currently art directs for Criminal Class Press literary journal, edits video and wants to move to Australia.

PBP006 – In The Same Vein– Ricardo Cozzolino


Lou Shields is a Visual Artist living and working in Chicago, IL. His work is ever changing and evolving and throughout a 10 year professional career, has created several consistent bodies of work in various inventive styles and mediums. Primarily a painter, Shields also works in a variety of drawing and mixed-media. He spends most of his free time skateboarding, driving somewhere to skateboard or building something to skateboard on. Visit his site to learn more.

PBP007 – Skate Trips From Hell – Lou Shields


Nicholas Peterson, eats vegetables, likes skateboarding and cats. Nicholas dreams of the day that he discovers a fern that bears avocados, or can sleep every night in a bed of kittens…or marry a woman who looks like a cat….

PBP008 – Desperate But Not Serious – Nicholas Peterson


Isaac Mckay-Randozzi’s career as a photographer and journalist started in 2001 when he linked up with the website Fecal Face Dot Com, a San Francisco-based online art community. He quickly established himself as a personality on the site, where he conducted frequent artist interviews, art show reviews, show hanging duties among other contributions. Using cameras that were cutting edge technology when he was born he works as a freelance photographer and writer in the digital age. Over the years, his photography and words have appeared in a variety of publications, including +1 Magazine (England), Hamburger Eyes Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Slap Magazine, The Skateboard Mag., Color Magazine (Canada), STAF Magazine (Spain) and Thrasher Magazine, among others. Aside from print and pixel, his photos have also appeared on skateboards (Stereo Skateboards) and tee shirts. He also served as a curator for a few art shows in the U.S. and one in Canada. For more on his photography, check out

PBP009 – SF-11 – Isaac McKay-Randozzi


Originally from candyland, Snacki spends most of his waking hours on a skateboard. He lives meal to meal, in an effort to satisfy his tapeworm. He may or may not have played an important part in creating thebeericsdotcom. Sometimes he paints.

PBP010 – The Moon is Made of Cheese – Snacki – SOLD OUT


Dennis Pomales is a self-taught artist that works under the name Minotauro. He spends most of his time drawing or painting and makes occasional audiovisual experiments. Inside his laboratory he plays with colors and shapes to connect with otherworldly creatures that more often than not make him disintegrate with joy. He is a native of Bayamon, Puerto Rico currently residing in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend, 3 scavenger cats and a Martian. See more at

PBP011 – Drawing Down the Moon – Dennis Pomales


Jason has always drawn. At 15 he started skateboarding and that introduced him to artwork, culture and tattoos. He has been tattooing since 1993. Jason co-own Oddball Studios in Portland. He paints and make art regularly, usually showing at several art shows a year. He still rides a skateboard and enjoys spending his free time with his inspiration, his wife and daughter. Learn more about Jason here.

PBP012 – Moral Guidance – Jason Leisge


Benjamin Carr is a illustrator, book maker and installation artist who works mainly with imaginary characters and found objects. He likes to use old photos in his work, altering their meanings with illustrations in order to give them a new story and history. He makes elaborate hand made one off books as well as small press published books and likes to draw about imaginary creatures and worlds. Although he enjoys drawing from real life too, he often intertwines this with fictitious facts or objects. More of Benjamin’s work can be found at

PBP013 – Arbothnaut J. Brown – Benjamin Carr


Eric Ellis is a designer living in Chicago. In the year 2009 he founded an experimental design studio (in his living room) called NoonStudio, please have a look.His illustration work is represented by Illustration Corporation, they are pretty rad. Learn more about Eric here.

PBP014 – Mostly Drawing – Eric Ellis


Alberto Aguilar is a Professor of Studio Art at Harold Washington College in downtown Chicago. He is the founder and coordinator of Pedestrian Project, an art initiative dedicated to making art accessible to people from all walks of life. He currently lives on the southwest side of Chicago, on the path of airplanes, near Midway airport. On windy days the airplanes land instead of taking off bringing them fearfully close to his rooftop. In his current work, every aspect of his daily life and exchanges with others are treated as creative acts. Visit his site here.

PBP015 – A Personal Dinner Invitation – Alberto Aguilar


Timothy Pigott is a Chicago based artist that enjoys skateboarding, mailing things, public transportation, and newspaper obituaries. His artwork ranges from block printing to polaroid photography to twilight zone influenced pictures created from repurposed office supplies. You can learn more about his adventures at

PBP016 – Listening To The Lower Frequencies – Tim Pigott


Christopher Smith has made drawings, installations, and sculpture about the ecology of objects, ideas and images, new nature, and value systems. He moves in extreme slow motion and keeps a snail farm.

PBP017 – Inland Architect – Christopher Smith


Brad Westcott is a true snowbird…chasing good weather and good vibes year-round. This could be credited to his long-standing love for skateboarding coupled with his profound interest in the migratory nature of the mallard duck. Either way, he finds enjoyment from skateboarding, photography, railroad art, and corresponding with other like minded individuals via snail mail. He is a methodical creature, documenting his transitory voyage through life by way of photographs, mail art, and drawings. If you search long and hard you may be able to find him in one of the many train yards scattered across North America acting as an archeologist of sorts, closely examining boxcar panels. If you can’t find him there then just head to the local skate park. Good luck. To see more from Brad visit

PBP018 – Over and Out – Brad Westcott – SOLD OUT

JEREMY TUBBS Jeremy Tubbs can be simply summed up as a documentarian. With his cameras usually aimed at the antics of friends in everyday life, he is always compiling a mass of images to keep track of what occurs on dazed cross country travels and confused late nights. He has spent the last few years in Indiana filming skateboarders and residing at the infamous Moontower. Now with Chicago as his home base, Tubbs’ main focus is in film making. When he isn’t cleaning a nail salon to make rent and feed his Chihuahua, you can find him out in the streets with friends in search of a good time, camera in hand. To see more of from Tubbs visit
PBP020 – Wherever god strikes me down – Jeremy Tubbs


Autobiographical examinations of subcultural rituals populate Andy J. Simmons’s photography. Born in South East London, Simmons grew up both skateboarding and studying photography. His artwork is an alliance of both pursuits, and Simmons cites Transworld Videos and Slap Magazine as continued influences in his current body of work. Utilizing Polaroid film and plastic cameras, mediums of pop nostalgia evocative of his early experimentation with Super 8, Simmons creates beautiful, honest, documentary imagery with minimal ornament. Observations on his home city of London, where he still lives, Simmons’s photographs are vivid portraits of the social dynamism in his community and skate culture at large. See more of Andy’s work here.


Porous draws, paints, writes, sculpts, acts, films, photos, fashion designs and anything else it takes to get his vision across. Porous has shown works all around the globe and even in fancy places like the NY MOMA. His works have been featured in major motion pictures and television.
Porous Walker has been officially selected by himself to waste hours of your time with his crap. Find more at


The draftsman known as Ervin Orion draws portraits of contemporary artists and gallerists in his signature style. His drawings are recognizable by the gaudy plastic frames, the soft velvet mattes, and the name ERVIN incorporated into every portrait. Scouring local dollar stores and thrifts stores (and often returning with extra baggage from visiting cities), he has come up with quite an amazing collection of ornate plastic frames. Cutting custom velvet mattes to line these frames adds to the high level of ironic kitsch. Orion’s interest lies in the artist as celebrity, (not the crass American Idol celebrity style), but more of an ornate victorian dignitary. Old school esteem at its finest…

Dan Boulton
Mike Dalton
Oscar Arriola