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Written by admin on February 13th, 2011

There has been a bit of a delay with the posting process thanks to this unfortunate occurrence and with that delay finally ending it’s time to roll out the new releases. First the final 2 publications of 2010: A Personal Dinner Invitation by Alberto Aguilar and Listening To The Lower Frequencies by Tim Pigott. And hot off the printer here are the first 2 zines for 2011: Inland Architect by Christopher Smith and Over and Out by Brad Westcott. These have been added to the online store or you can pick them up in person at Quimby’s or you can see all of Parking Block’s zines at this year’s Chicago Zine Fest March 25th – 26th. Stop by for a sticker and a high five.

What’s next?

Here’s a few teaser pages that Dominique Holmes sent over:

Dominique Holmes - 2011 zine pages

It’s going to be a mixture of color and black and white.

Dominique Holmes - 2011 zine pages

More midnight please.

whoooo goes the owl up in the tree, watch over me

Written by admin on October 26th, 2010

Parking Block Publishing Mobile

New zines from Tim Pigott and Andy Simmons are on deck for November. They should be out by midmonth.

3 new artists have been added to the squad. Look for zines from Dan Boulton, Brad Westcott and Alberto Aguilar early next year.

You can now find Parking Block at Zine’s Mate over in Japan. Please stop by and say hello.

Celebrate Halloween all weekend long.


Written by admin on September 20th, 2010

Let the bells ring across the land! The new zines are here! Pick up your copies of the newest Parking Block masterpieces, Mostly Drawings by Eric Ellis and Arbothnaut J. Brown by Benjamin Carr, on the publications page today. After that take a moment and visit the artist page to check out Lauri Apple and Andy Mills new bios.

Drawing Down the Moon continues to delight artists, bloggers and other internet riff-raff. Read the fantastic reviews for yourself.

In other artist news, Mark Gildersleeve, Tim Pigott and Ricky Cozzolino all have art work available for your enjoyment at the Criminal Class Press NOIR Anti-Gala this Saturday, September 25th. You can pick up tickets here. Shawn Hebrank has just returned from dead bird cataloging in Peru. On the 11th of every month he and Albie Rock makes things happen. Alex Cohen and Steven Erst are part of the Center of Multiple Middles show that’s wrapping up at Harold Washington College this Friday. You can enjoy a new Lauri Apple drawing every day until the election over on Animal New York. They’re free. That’s hard to beat. All around awesome fellow Jay Croft’s art work is now available at skate shops around the country via these Vans tshirts.

If you are in Baltimore this weekend check out Parking Block at “Creative Control.”

Creative Control

‘The “Creative Control” exhibit is curated by Jim Lucio, Visual Arts Coordinator for the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and will include over 100 independent arts and culture publications from around the globe.’

The first 4 releases are now sold out.

Don’t hesitate.

hooray for chair, long live chair

Written by admin on August 19th, 2010

The big news is that you can now find Parking Block zines at the rowdy rowdy Saki Records here in Chicago.

Saki Records Chicago

They appear to have an endless parade of in store shows. Go see a band, check out some records and pick up some zines. Check out their blog for more info.

OKGreat posted a great review of Drawing Down the Moon including a dramatic reenactment of its arrival. There should be more dramatic reenactments on the web.. Maybe one day there will be a Tawainese animation reenactment of a Parking Block zine. That would be the bee’s knees. Click here to check out OK Great and the video.

Benjamin Carr has been busy. He just released his latest art book, Martin C. From Brentford. It’s limited to 50 so pick it up before they’re gone. He also sent over some photos of what he’s been working on.

Benjamin Carr - Zine in Progress

Things are starting to take shape.

Benjamin Carr - Zine in Progress

Look for new zines next month.

This fall is going to be good.