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Written by admin on March 23rd, 2011

It’s here!

The second annual Chicago zinefest is this weekend! It looks like this may the last chance to pick up a few of Parking Block’s historic releases because after this weekend they’ll be gone. Stop by if you can. Say hello. Trade some zines. Bring art. Bring photographs. Bring jokes.

Desert of the Future - Tim Pigott

Besides Zinefest there are a few other events in the near and immediate future that involve friends and family.

Friday night you can check out the always ready steady Art Dump’s take on the classic movie poster at the Post Family’s space.

Saturday is the big blowout for Isaac’s new Stereo board and shirts at DLXSF.

On the horizon is Dan Boulton’s solo show of Southbank Photographs. I’m look forward to visiting this iconic spot during the summer.

The next round of zines is starting to come together.

Patience is always appreciated.

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